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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Random fact of the day!- One of my biggest obsessions is with none other than my CLOSET. Well, any closet. But I'm not talking about your everyday, simple, boring, single-racked, hole in the wall. I'm talking the massively overwhelming, perfectly designed, color-coordinated, shelving unit-ed haven. The place where I, and other fashion-obsessies, keep our most prized possessions. 

I'd say I'm a kinda/very/extremely/OCD organized and orderly person when it comes to my clothes, shoes and accessories. With my love of fashion, what makes more sense than to love the one thing where all of my favorite fashions are housed other than my closet?! 

Below is a little collection of my favorite closets that I have found in the past. Each closet is unique and differently designed and organized, but that is what makes them so interesting. Believe it or not, the place a person keeps their clothing truly says a lot about them. Think about it.. I'd love to have the chance to meet the owner of each of amazing closets. 


Hope you enjoyed :]

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  1. I love when you make your clothing and accessories your decor in your room. Like they are pieces of art <3


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