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Monday, February 28, 2011


My job allows me to meet and work with some of the most amazing and beautiful women. I had the honor of recently interviewing a few of the current titleholders! Here's what Miss Vermont 2011, Lauren Carter had to say. 
How would you describe your sense of style? 
Laid-back and comfortable, but cute, sexy and feminine. I love bright colors, black skinny jeans, tall boots, and flower prints. Fitted sundresses and big belts are a must in the warm weather!

Who was the designer of your interview attire you wore when you won? 
My interview dress and shoes were from BCBG. It was a fitted black bottom with an attached nude top that had frills. Flattering and stylish.

Who are your favorite designers? 
I love anything from Sherri Hill. She is brilliant!

What are you favorite clothing brands? 
For daily wear, I have found a wide variety of things I like from BCBG and Guess. My favorite cocktail dress is a hot pink little number from BCBG, and I have the most adorable black platform booties with fluff at the top from Guess... I can be stylish, but keep my feet warm!
Who are your favorite models and or title holders? 
I love Shandi Finnessey! She always looks like she is having a great time on stage and is absolutely gorgeous.

Where do you get inspiration for your style, both everyday and pageant attire? 
I spend a lot of times flipping through magazines and looking at websites of past titleholders. There is no particular source for inspiration, because I want my style to be uniquely me and uniquely Vermont. Vermont is comfortable in her own skin, laid-back, but sexy and fun!

Who was the designer of the gown, jewelry and shoes you wore when you won? 
I wore a gorgeous black lace Sherri Hill gown that, in typical Sherri Hill fashion, absolutely shone on stage! It is a very fitted halter style gown with a low back that I love. My shoes were designed by Frederico Leone. I do not honestly know who designed my earrings, but they were big long AB stones from The Crowning Touch in New Bedford, MA.
How has your year been thus far as a titleholder? 
Absolutely incredible! I am keeping very busy with appearances, Miss USA preparation, and nursing school. The year is what you make of it, and I am making it the best year ever!

Have you been preparing for the Miss USA Pageant? If so, how? 
Miss USA is not just a physical beauty competition. Although you must be in top physical shape, you have to be in excellent mental condition as well. I lift weights 4-5 days/week and do yoga, eat nutritious and naturally found foods, and sleep regularly. To keep my mind in shape, I practice interviews and work on my public speaking skills. I stay on top of the news and challenge myself daily. I also practice walking and work to find and promote my sponsors. Appearances! I also do plenty of those. It is a lot of running around, and I love it! Busy is my middle name.
Who was the designer of your swimsuit you wore when you won? 
My swimsuit was a Beleza, designed by Michelle Neves Hantman at The Crowning Touch. We customized the red swimsuit by exchanging the rhinestone hoops for gold hoops.

Beauty tips?? (Hair, make-up, nails, etc) 
Treat your body well and take care of it. Your body will glow if you eat well, sleep regularly, exercise several times/week, and stay hydrated. Don't over wash your face and hair, and keep them both moisturized.

Health tips?? (Diet & exercise routine)
It is important to eat mostly natural foods. Some of the packaged/boxed foods we eat have so many chemicals and synthetic ingredients! Try limiting sugar, packaged foods, and fast foods. Stick with lots of fruit and vegetables, eggs, nuts, chicken, whole grains, and yogurts. For exercising, don't forget about weight-lifting! While cardio is great, you must use resistance to create a toned look.
Do you have a stylist? If not, how do you decide what to wear to events/appearances? 
I do not have a stylist. To decide on outfits, I of course take the event itself into consideration. I maintain my fun style and glam it up with some big sparkly earrings and awesome heels or boots. And a crown, of course!

Do you have any future plans both as a titleholder and after you relinquish your crown? 
As a titleholder, it is time for Vermont to get noticed! Our state hasn't won miss USA in over 50 years, and hasn't been in the top 15 for 30 years. After my reign, I will pursue a Master's degree in nursing and continue my work in hospice and oncology nursing.
Hope you enjoyed getting to know Lauren! Follow her blog here and stay tuned for other interviews from more of our most beautiful and stylish titleholders! 
Some photos taken by me, but to all with watermarks, 
thanks to those photographers who permitted me to use their amazing photos.
<3 K.McCall

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