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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Talk about an inspiration! I had the honor of recently interviewing a few of the current titleholders within the USA Pageant. Here's what Miss Pennsylvania 2011, Amber-Joi Watkins had to say!

Who was the designer of the gown, jewelry and shoes you were wearing when you won?
I wore a fully beaded, burnt orange, form-fitting gown designed by Precious Formals. My jewelry was by Jim Ball and my pageant shoes were made by Touch Ups. 

Designer of your interview attire you wore when you won? 

My interview dress was designed by Tahari.

Swimsuit designer you wore when you won?
My swimsuit was designed by Lady M. It was hot pink with rhinestone detailing.

How would you describe your sense of style? 
My style is fun and classic with an edge. 

Who are your favorite models and or title holders? 
Jessica White, Supermodel
Gina Cerilli, Miss Pennsylvania USA 2010
Brenda Brabham, Miss Pennsylvania 2005
Henry Watkins, Up and coming supermodel and my little brother
LauRen Merola, Miss Pennsylvania USA 2008
Rozanna Purcell, Miss Ireland 2010

Chelsea Cooley, Miss USA 2005
Crystle Stewart, Miss USA 2008
There are just too many to name!

Have you signed with any modeling/acting agencies or done any work with television, print or movies since you have won?
I actually just finished shooting a commercial for the Pennsylvania Lottery. I booked a role as a lead dancer. I have been working as a professional dancer, model and host for some time now and I’m so excited about the new doors that my title will open in the entertainment world.

Do you have a stylist? If not, how do you decide what to wear to events/appearances?
I'm lucky to have the most fashionable group of friends ever. I often take photos of outfits while I'm in the dressing room and send them to my best friends (Lauren, Kate, and Asia of ). If I love it and they love it, it is a go!!! I have been working with Angela of Oliverio’s in West Virginia for quite some time now. She is an official Miss Pennsylvania USA sponsor and she has the best selection of pageant attire in West Virginia! Recently I have also had the pleasure to do some work with celebrity stylist Felipe G. He is fashion forward and is helping me with "my edge". Lastly I have been working with Joyce of the Elizabeth Maar Boutique in Haverford. Their stuff is amazing. Joyce always knows what going to look good on me and their selection is to die for!

What comes to mind when you hear the words, "Miss USA?!" 
Beautiful, smart, fit, confident, caring and SPECIAL. 

Have you been preparing for the Miss USA Pageant? If so, how?
Yes of course. For the most part I have been learning about what it takes to win at the national level. I have been formulating my plan of action.  I have also been working out and preparing wardrobe and fashion items. Additionally, I’ve been accepting various interviews and speaking requests to practice my interview skills. 

Beauty tips?? (Hair, make-up, nails, etc) 
Invest in quality makeup that works best for your skin type. My favorite brands are Makeup Forever and MAC. 

Health tips?? (Diet, exercise routine)
It is important to add variety to both your exercise routine and your diet regimen. I do all sorts of exercise from long distance running, to dance, to biking to hiking, to yoga and Pilates and more. It's important to surprise your body sometimes with a new challenge.

Do you have any future plans both as a titleholder and after you relinquish your crown?
Right now my focus is to be the best Miss Pennsylvania USA possible by getting out and helping the community and by doing EVERYTHING I can to prepare for the Miss USA pageant.

Who are your favorite designers?
I don't have any one favorite designer. I'm not a label girl. If I love the overall look I'm going to buy it no matter who designs it. Once it’s mine, it’s MINE.

On the other hand there are some designers that I know I can always count on. Jovani for instance makes great cocktail dresses. I absolutely love the detail and style of Mac Duggal gowns. And both Sherri Hill and Tony Bowls have designed some of the most beautiful evening attire that I have ever seen.

Also, look for Amber-Joi on soon as well as on Twitter at to keep up on her exciting reign! 
Hope you enjoyed getting to know Amber-Joi! Follow her on Twitter here and stay tuned for other interviews from more of our most beautiful and stylish titleholders! 
Some photos taken by me, but to all with watermarks, 
thanks to those photographers who permitted me to use their amazing photos.


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